Free Download Feel free to download and try edge blending software. Welcome to Torsion Edge Blending Software. TorsionSoft Technologies specialize in visual display systems,  providing leading solutions for curved screen displays, immersive 3D displays, and high resolution displays. We bring to market new and novel techniques to reduce cost and improve functionality in many demanding display applications. TorsionBlend is our flagship product. with the software, it is possible to build a huge and seamless display system by using commodity projectors and pcs. with the affordable software  and hardware, everyone can build a supper wide seemless display. Multi Projector Soft Edge Blending software! TorsionSoft Welcome to TorsionSoft Technologies.  We produce reliable & affordable edge blending software that calibrates and edge-blends multiple projectors into seamless digital displays. Sphere geometric warpping & soft edge blending Powerfull geometric wrapping, map your video onto any surface! Boxing Day Sales 80% OFF